Fragment 1, Codex 1: Olam

A history of a world filled of wonder and terror. Of what came before the Everstone Series. Part 1



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The World Of The Everstone Series
Fragment 1, Obtained from Olam: Codex 1

There is a great ocean that seems to cover the whole of Olam. Here and there, she has islands. But they are small and desolate. Except for one grand island. One upon which lies the Three Great Kingdoms.

This place of mystery and ancient knowledge was the birthing of a plan that the Coyodoun (All-Knowing) set forth for His twelve greatest Elders (see Codex 4, The Elders). These were separated into three Contingents. Each Contingent was given the power to create a species of intelligence and to place it into one of the Three Great Kingdoms. And these were divided by the Great Kingdom Wall. Made from white-stone (a kind of diamond) and quite impenetrable. However, the first of these species, the dragons, were given greater trust for they could cross the massive walls by flight. Though not all dragons could fly.

And so, it was that the kingdoms were divided into these three equal fragments. The only continent upon Olam became the Kingdom of the Dragon (see Codex 5: Flight), the Kingdom of the Giant (see Codex 6: The Giants), and the Kingdom of the Brasheen (see Codex 7: The Black Wood).

Though they knew nothing of the other kingdoms, these three came to be and were placed in the center, each, of their own territory. And surrounding them, buried deep in the ground, were four equal stones (see Codex 2: The Portal Stones). These stones were massive, completely out of sight, and unknown to the newly created inhabitants.

Perfectly round, the jewels were twice the height of a giant and possessed powers that would test the people of Olam to their breaking point. In time they would be discovered, and their abilities sorely abused.

The massive crystal-like spheres would eventually become known as Everstones for their ability to give life to individuals. Not just health but to turn one whose life should be a hundred years into one whose life is a thousand years. But only were one of them to be uncovered in its entirety. So long as they remained hidden in the ground, completely covered by soil, they had only one mystical capability: to open a portal from Olam to another world called Earth.

Through time the people of Olam visited Earth. But the portals were hard to find and so the visits were rare.

Due to the nature of those who are given free will (as the giants, the dragons, and the brasheen were) much destruction often comes. Generally, the results of selfish gain and preservation. Upon Olam, there was no exception.

In time the source of the portals was discovered to be the Everstones. For near each stone there would be a portal. Which seemed to the individual as random. But in fact, it was typically calculated to match each other across the three kingdoms. Of the four in each realm, there were four portals. And of each portal, there was one to the south, one to the east, one to the north and one to the west. When the stone in the west opened a portal, it was that the one of each kingdom in the west opened. The palatial stars directed the time it was open. Always brief.

Dependent upon the mystical heavens, these stones’ great powers were busy day and night. The portal that opened seemingly at random at each place so opened in both directions. As an open door in a tavern would, one could come or go. And in time, others from Earth came upon the open portals. Some animals, some insects, some leaves and seeds. And some human.

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