The Back of the Shelf

These forth coming novels are all in the early stages of development.

The Crimes of Ithuria

Total SciFi of the far distant future and long established space flight.

The Lost and Found

A pastor ostracized because of an affair, finds himself on the day he was to clean out his office, an unwilling captive to a bank robbing crew, stashed away in the basement of the church.


The future is in trouble because no one will stay out of the past!


It's not enough to just keep away. Ever thought someone was secretly following you? What if that someone, is you?

Home For Good

Life getting back to normal isn't so easy. In fact, for this soldier, war was less complicated.

Allegany Falls

What does a retired sheriff, a half crazed prophet, and an angry rancher all have in common? Allegany Falls...

blaqwatch: First Team

Long before even Reagan was President, the "teams" were active. But where did they all start?

blaqwatch: Scorpion

Life increasingly became more complicated after the attempted attack on Jerusalem. But Pack was done. However, the responsibilities of being the "good guy" never seem to be finished...

Hutch Book II

Malcom "Hutch" Hutchford just can't get a break. He finds himself back in Alaska, saving the neck of a brother-in-law he didn't even know he had.