Matthew Roy (M.R.) Davenport was born in Ukiah, California, in 1966. He grew up in a Christian home and is forever grateful to his parents for keeping Jesus as a central part of his childhood. He served in the US Army as a Military Policeman.

Matt always dreamed of adventure. Feats and experiences that would forever be remembered. Each and every story and novel that he creates is a genuine dedication to those dreams.

His desire to tell a story and share in the travels and exploits in his mind started when he was still a kid, playing in the mountains and fields of his homes. His many homes. As a young man, his family moved about quite a bit. As difficult as it was, he feels it lent to his penchant for telling tales.

One of the struggles he experienced as a young man was good stories that didn't bring in a lot of ugliness. Sexual promiscuity and foul language was something he didn't like. Often stopping his reading immediately and refusing to pick up a book again if it went too far. Even if it was a great story. Consequently, it is his priority that every book he writes be open to readers of any age and standard.

"A good story can have a lot of impact without a lot of garbage writing getting in the way," he says. "Because there are stories others won't take the time to write. And they need to be told. Powerful, funny, imaginative, crazy, and thought provoking stories. Maybe even life changing..."

Matt is what is often called an eclectic writer. Meaning he doesn't stay in one particular genre. One book may be fantasy, the next modern police work, the next science fiction. Most have a positive Christian message. All share in good morals and solid, noble themes.

He fights with a constant barrage of new ideas and stories. "I will never deal with writers block. I have far too many synopses to turn to. God's grace displayed in my writing.

"But the truth is I can't write. God does it through me. I get to be the filter He uses."

Matt's wife, Nancy is also the editor of all the books. And he is the first to say that the books would get no where without her. "Not only is she an amazing editor and a great wordsmith, but she is also an incredible woman of God and my greatest joy! I had no idea God had her in mind for me. Such a privilege and honor to call her my wife!"

Matt has had a diverse background. Meaning, he has had many jobs. Which he knows is not great for the resume, but experience has been very good for him. It is what he draws on for much of his work. In addition to the books that he writes, his wife and he have a business called Sapphire Arts. They specialize in wood work (both production and custom) and fabric art. Which also has a line of production and custom items. It is also their publishing company for all the novels Matt writes.

The two of them also teach Bible Study on a regular basis, working as a team in their teaching and counseling.

Matt's books are just getting started. His series, Shadows of the Everstone has a total of six books slotted for it. And that may increase. A new series called "The Swords of Honor" is in development. These two series's will eventually cross over as they are written in the same universe. The "My King" series will also put out five to six books. The first sequel, "The Quest for Freedom" will be available some time in late spring.