Are you needing help with your publishing? All of M.R.Davenport's books are rigorously processed through extensive editing and formatting stages. These are done through our partner publishing company, Sapphire Arts, LLC. From the conceptual/synopsis level until it is ready for the book shelf, Sapphire Arts is there for us. We proudly publish with this company! Send us your contact info below if you are needing anything and they will gladly connect with you and offer free quotes to help you get your own title published!

Areas Sapphire Arts can help you with Publishing your own Book:

  • Concept Development (Expanding your topic - Fiction or Non-fiction)

  • Full or Partial Ghost Writing

  • Timeline, Plausibility, & Research

  • Full or Partial Editing

  • Formatting Interior/Exterior

  • Graphic/Cover Design

  • Amazon Account/Book Printing

  • Basic Promotions

  • Website/Social Media

  • .PDF Samples of Current Work

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