100 Books - #2 "Flowers From A Dead Man""

From the book, "Flowers From A dead Man". The book you never should have not read!



9/12/20221 min read

Our review today is on the book named, "Flowers From A Dead Man", written by James P. "Mac" Abraham.

The author is a spell-binding, masterpiece creator that left the world all too soon. Mac Abraham was destined to become Stephen King's mentor. At least had King not been so full of himself and insolently convinced he could actually write. Abraham would have been good for the Hollywood fiend as they were neighbors when young Stephen Edwin was a boy.

Of all that Abraham managed in his short career, Flowers From A Dead Man was the epitome of it! An incredible page turner that takes place in the distant future. A man of great wealth, Paul Sylis, finds himself dying too soon and takes the opportunity to be cryogenically set for a future repair. Unbeknownst to him, his trophy wife discovers that the will cannot transfer the wealth to her unless Paul is actually pronounced as deceased.

The wife, Barbara Ann, then plots to have his stiff destroyed. In the process he ends up at a holding facility and is there for about a hundred years. Eventually he is revived and his condition is cured. But Barbara has managed to, long before, get him declared dead.

In the future that he arrives at, culture has changed tremendously. Living on the streets, he notices a pretty lady and brings her some flowers. Which is the beginning of a beautiful romance! Mostly because in the future, it is a new idea to bring a lady flowers.

As I already mentioned, Abraham is a master story-teller. His talents shine no less in this timely tale as any other. No one can be immune to great writing. The Steinbecks, the Tolkiens, the Lewis'. And the Abrahams.

In truth, the grammar was a bit stodgy and the idioms need work for the purposes of originality. But, this is an old story and it's quite possible it was original for that time. 10 out of 5 stars! This book is not in print.

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