Where Should We Stand?

Where do we stand? As Christians seeking good for the sake of God’s creation, where should our hearts be?


Matthew Davenport

8/30/20213 min read

For years, Christendom failed to be intentional about politics. At least in my lifetime. However, in the last 20 years or so, many ministers and people of influence from the pulpit and other ministerial places have begun to advocate Christian involvement in political arenas. Not just to put godly people in places of political influence, but to encourage the changing of public thought about issues. And, despite how it might sound, public thought on many issues does need to change. But will it?

A time, years ago, America was virtually squared away. Yes there were politics and the infighting, but morality wasn’t as big an issue as it is now. Truth is, I would not want to be in the political arena now days. The issues used to be simple and straight forward. Today, though, even the most liberal of liberals can become victim to some “little nobody” who disagrees with them on some minute stand. Because that little nobody has a million followers on some random social channel and their influence will cause a domino fall and the world suddenly lights this person up like a two-hour Fourth of July fireworks display.

I love people. And I have truly learned to love people I disagree with. Even rude people (mostly...). Even those who vehemently disagree with my personal standards and beliefs. I’m okay with that because God loves that person as much as He loves me. I can’t hate anymore. As Mr. King said, it’s just too great a burden to bear. But love is not an excuse to absolve someone of abusing the grace of God in order to express ones selfish ambitions or need to do as they please.

You see, sin is still sin and it still separates us from God and that still equates to eternity in hell. Which is difficult to deal with for those of us falling in love with God’s creation. Jesus came and died on a cross because He loved people. To truly express that “GOD-love” He had, He made a way at His own expense to save us FROM our sins, not save us with our sins.

Where do we stand? As Christians seeking good for the sake of God’s creation, where? In a world where so much that is wrong has been declared right and so much that is right has been declared wrong?

We stand with Jesus. We stand with His Word. We stand against the enemy and the worldly mess he has made.

The Bible tells us that we do not battle against the people of this world, but against the principalities of this world. (Ephesians 6:12) So our fight is to take the devil out. In that process, we cannot compromise the truth of sin that he has managed to get those who listen to him to commit.

The fight is for the soul of mankind. God’s great desire is that not one be lost. Not a single human. (2 Peter 3:9) At the same time, we know that there will be many lost. And many has already been lost. But not because God hasn’t given all He can.

So what of this “stand” that we as Christians should make? Should it be against the vaccine? Should it be against the masks? Should it be against President Biden? We certainly have a problem right now with politics and all the virus nonsense. That is truly the case. But how should a Christian respond?

Let’s see...

  • Around 65 million babies killed in the womb since abortion became legal in 1972.

  • Racism is still an issue.

  • Murder and crime soaring.

  • Flagrant sexual sin is rampant. And often admired.

  • Hatred at every level is rising. Social media is a massive source of it.

  • Fear of everything and everyone is the norm.

The truth is, the vaccine is a money making tool for big pharm. I know, it’s true. And the masks only serve to cover our face when we are trying to smile at people. Yeah, the whole last two years there has been utter nonsense for certain. But with the list above, I really think the whole virus thing is a distraction that many Christians are playing right into. One perpetrated by the devil himself.

I can tell you my stand, but it really doesn’t make any difference. The stand that Christians should be taking is very simple:

  1. Love God (by mouth, word, action & deed)

  2. Read His Word (daily, desiring to know Him through it)

  3. Follow His Word (learn how we are supposed to be as the bearers of His light)

When we truly exemplify those three things, the world can be turned around! Quit trying to fix everyone and get them to look and sound like yourself. Focus on God. Seek Jesus at every turn. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Our walk can be difficult because of all the “stuff” we face every day, but the plan is not as complicated as we tend to make it.