Two Thousand Crimes

This is a link to a video. You need to watch it.


Matthew Davenport

5/12/20220 min read

When the 2020 Presidential Election happened, I was unhappy about the results. But I am not a conspiracist and refused to chase the idea of fraud in our election.

A short time ago a man produced a movie. I apologize for a lack of info here. The title of this video has been blocked and removed in most places it has been posted. The title is similar to “Two Thousand Crimes”.

Below is the link to watch the video for free. Please take the time to do so. This is real. It is no a scare tactic. It is not a fixed video or documentary. It is not conspiracy nonsense. This is where we are in our country (USA). This is Biblical in that scripture has warned that what is wrong will be thought of as right and right as wrong. (Isaiah 5:20, 2 Timothy 3:1, James 4:17).

So much truth is being put out, but at the same time, the enemy is using people (who are unaware of God's desire for them to live good lives) to do his dirty work. It is happening right here in America. This is only one simple part of it.

I am not stumping for a politician. I am stumping for the truth that the enemy of all goodness is perverting and destroying God's creation. Is this the answer to untruth in our leadership in America? No. But it is proof that we need to trust God even more than ever. The Bible repeatedly says not to put our trust in man, but in God. Man will deceive us and use us and steal from us. Only God can be fully trusted. Do not allow yourself to be swindled or defrauded by people that are being used by the devil.

Please watch the video. Not as a republican or a democrat. Just as a citizen that knows God and seeks truth.


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