Spirit Wars

Today we discuss the book entitled "Spirit Wars" by Bethel Minister and Prophet Kris Valloton.


Matthew Davenport

7/12/20212 min read

Written in 2012, this book chronicles some of the early experiences that Kris went through in the spiritual. Some of his experiences as a minister and the encounters with the demonic. He dedicates the boo

k to those who are bound up in a spiritual prison, but it is truly required reading for anyone that desires to know God and understand what it means to battle the enemy in the spiritual realms. And technically, that is everyone who calls themselves a Christian.

There are a number of highlights that could be mentioned. Including the times he dealt with demons invading and manifesting in his own bedroom. Especially how he overcame those attacks.

Or the time he was asked to help with a “ghost” that was haunting a house. How he pointed out one thing I have believed for many, many years. That the ghosts that haunt are very real. Except these entities are demons on assignment, not the spirits of dead people.

If you are unfamiliar with Kris, he has had a number of other books written on spiritual matters. Some of which have been very well received with a bestselling moniker. In this one, his seventh book, Kris focuses on this topic of the wars we have with the demonic because it is something he personally has gone through.

Kris gives us a number of reasons and purposes for these wars and ways to route the enemy. And he speaks from personal experience on how to win these battles in our own lives.

Even though this book was written nine years ago, it is for today as much as any other time. The demonic still manifest. In truth, more than ever as they work to be “unseen” in many ways. The demonic remain with an agenda to thwart the people of God in their desire to bring the goodness of Jesus to a world filled with rage and anger and pain.

I would give this book one of my highest recommendations. Regardless of where a person may be in their life as a Christian, the information and understanding is vital. And, more often than not, it isn’t getting taught in the churches. In fact, much of the spiritual battles that are ongoing in the world around us remain a mystery to the larger part of Christianity. Often seen even by those who believe in God and His angels as something you’d see on television, abounding with special effects. This book is part, I believe, of the things God is doing to get us in a better place to understand.

Kris is a messenger from God in the first order. His own life is filled with prophetic giftings and grace to be distributed. He is a remarkable teacher. His sermons can be freely accessed through various mediums. Including YouTube and the website for the church organization that he is affiliated with, Bethel of Redding, California - www.bethel.tv/podcasts. These sermons (which include a number of other teachers), can be listened to directly on the website, or downloaded to your device.

I personally have had a few words given to me from Kris. And while he and I have no real personal connection, he has sown into my life for a number of years (through books and teaching) and I have read a few of his other books. His writing is powerful and engaging. And, most important, pertinent to our lives as God’s people.

A truly needed and worthwhile book that will minister and teach.

Find more about this author and his other books at https://www.krisvallotton.com/