Secular Christianity

Will it make you cry to the forceps enter the womb, grabbing them and tearing them limb from limb.


Matthew Davenport

10/25/20213 min read

Most Christians are against abortion. Sadly, not all. But most are. However, there is a struggle within those ranks that is causing an issue in their relationship with Jesus. Strangely, I have discovered that some do not even know why they are against the slaughter of the unborn.

I have had an interesting discussion (argument done with civility) more than once now with Christians who are confused with the point of abortion. The idea behind being fervently against this atrocity is not because it is wrong. You see, when we say abortion is wrong, then we open the door to the varying degrees of what is understood as wrong. Yes, killing a child is murder and the Bible is clear about that. But many levels of “wrong” can be defined by the mind. And when there is not a clearly defined “reason” behind it, then it gets blurry for those who struggle with God as the center.

Without going into a whole bunch of statistics, let’s understand one great point: most abortions are for convenience. A selfish desire to not have to “deal” with the child. On any scale, that is murder one.

Then comes the other statistics. “It may endanger the mother.” A very small percentage.

But here is the one that many Christians get confused about. And, in all honesty, it bothers me tremendously that this is the case.
“The baby is the result of rape.”

Before we get into some kind of all nutty fight, understand that, in my opinion, rape is second only to murder as far as offensive and horrible. I believe that if a man rapes a woman, he should remain in prison for his entire life. At the very least. Many who advocate
abortion would never advocate the life imprisonment sentence. Whatever... Just know I do not advocate rape or anything like it.

However, the struggle here is that the enemy (yes, the devil) is always looking for a way to destroy anything that God made. As terrible as the horror that a woman goes through in a rape case, it is nothing compared to what the resulting helpless child goes through as the forceps enter the womb, grabbing them and tearing them limb from limb. Creating a small enough group of body parts to be taken out, bagged and either thrown out or sold off to the nearest broker.

What’s the problem? This child is not as important as the other children because they are the result of a rape. Really? So what we are seeing here is that is a child is “accidently” conceived, the Christian in this case declares that the reason that the child should be allowed to live is to teach the parent a lesson about their promiscuity. So, the child means nothing except as a means to give a good lesson to someone about hopping into bed with a some guy who (clearly) has no intention of being responsible for the child either. He needs to know he can’t just leave his seed anywhere he wants!

At this point the stubborn “Christian” declares that we should agree to disagree. Why? Because the secular thinking of proper reasons to have or not have an abortion has more control than the words of Jesus as he taught us the value of a child.

In fact, if Mary became pregnant during our day and age, the secular Christian would approve (maybe even advocate) abortion in this case since it was a “Foreign Entity” that impregnated her. Or, at the very least, consider it fine post-deletion. How Pharisaical of you!

Jesus said in Matthew 18:5, “Whoever receives one little child like this in My name, receives Me.” What would happen if the child that was supposed to be your example in order for you to meet Jesus was the rape victim’s child that was aborted because they were a rape victim’s child?

I feel that the secular Christian that has convinced themselves that abortion at any level is proper, are like the disciples in Matthew 19. People brought their little kids to Jesus for Him to bless them. The disciples, being so smart and full of importance, rebuked them. Why? Because they didn’t see the importance of the children.

Abortion isn’t wrong because it’s murder. It’s wrong because children are important to God. Just as important as YOU! When we level the act of rejecting a pre-born child to a process that does or does not have a legitimate approval by our personal standards, then we have lost the understanding as to why abortion is wrong.

Abortion doesn’t just stop a beating heart, it kills a precious little child that is made in the image of God.