Roe V. Wade

" should bother us. When it no longer bothers us, we are lost..."


Matthew Davenport

5/5/20220 min read

With the Supreme Court considering a change to Roe V. Wade, I wanted to address the subject and issue of abortion.

If you know me at all, you should now that I am adamantly opposed to abortion. It bothers me tremendously that the nation that stands for freedom across our world also feels that a baby has no freedom until it is outside the womb. And I know that many in our country are working to change even that.

There are many arguments on the subject. Like the reasons behind abortion have little to do with a woman’s right to choose and more about power, control, and money. I know I might be preaching to the choir, but the murderous intent of people to kill a defenseless human, yet fight with everything in them to save some animal in the woods is, literally, the clearest indication of “having other gods” in recent memory. At least the Hindu are straight up about it.

In the time that Roe V. Wade has been on the books, over 63,000,000 children have been treated as nothing more than a hunk of flesh and tossed out in the trash. But thank God we have saved the spotted owl.

It is hard not to write my anger on the topic. But if there is any one issue that I believe God get’s really perturbed about, it is a country that prides itself on freedom but has no problem taking that freedom and life from the most innocent and calling it healthcare.

What about the rape victim? Please! First the percentage is almost not worth considering. But even so, the horrible act of rape is not the fault of the child. My opinion on how rapist should be treated, notwithstanding, is not the point here. But I think they should be confined until they stop breathing.

This is a child. In the long rant of why we should or shouldn’t allow abortion, the true concern of it is seldom spoken about by the so called “pro-choice”. Contrary, it is typically the key effort of those who are “pro-life” in fighting for the innocent. That concern is that it is still a child.

Of course, if you hold to the Disney Plan, the only purpose of a child is to make money and use them to promote the world’s most obvious deviant intentions.

Where I found myself most at odds on the topic was years ago when I saw a billboard sign explaining how you could contact and become a part of a “Christians for Pro-Choice” group. Christians who believe that the fetus inside a woman is unknown to God. Boneheads that promote the dull understanding that God is limited by a need that a person must be outside the womb before they are a viable part of God’s children. I mean they must or they would be proponents of murderous sin.

After all, if we make God smaller, we can keep Him under control. Right?

In all the arguments for abortion, they each have one thing in common: Me. It’s all about a selfish, arrogant group who are convince they are the exception to the rule that they are responsible for their own actions. You could even go so far as to say that making abortion legal was part of the gateway that led to the woke, self centered, out of control, cancel culture that America is suffering from at this very moment.

One of the issues I find to be the greatest misnomer of the entire debate is that it has become “healthcare”. Whose? The child is killed. Wouldn’t healthcare for a woman that is pregnant be the health care of the child as well?

Think about this: In every abortion procedure, the child dies. At least that is the mission. We actually have people who have taken the hypocritical oath that become specialists in taking the life of a child. Women’s rights? How many of these aborted children are female?

The absurdities can go on and on. When a society finds themselves so far from the most basic ethical conduct that the weakest is attacked and destroyed for the simple convenience of itself, that society has already peaked and will eventually self destruct. People want peace. The only true source of peace is God. For He created it. But peace between those who love God and His ways, and those who not only promote the unthinkable but urge others that they should as well commit abhorrent and grisly acts will never happen. It is literally oil and water. It will never truly mix.

The love of God within us will have us loving and nurturing the sinner. Because that is what Jesus coming was all about. But in understanding that sin is still sin and that killing babies is one of the most heinous among them, God’s people will never be at peace with abortion. Never! If we do, then we are no longer His child. Except within our own mind.

This has been a strong stand on the subject of abortion/murder. If you disagree with me on any part, you certainly have that privilege. You can compare it to a person’s liberty. Compare it to civil rights and freedom. But it’s not. It’s murder and if you think it’s a right, then you believe murder is a right. That makes you lost in your understanding of rights.

I will always love you, but under the idea of killing babies, we will never have peace between us. That is a righteous stand that I will never alter.

On a side note, making abortion legal will never equate to anything remotely like “Pro-Life”. Life and abortion are mutually exclusive and are never to be confused with each other. Abortion=death.

It’s not a right. It’s not healthcare. It’s not okay. It does affect us all. If you hear a story of how a child died in a fire or in some other way, it should hurt your heart. Anytime the innocent is abused, it should bother us. Abortion should bother us. When it no longer bothers us, we are lost...