Mr. Potato Thing

So we protest Dr. Seuss because of his use of colors. No more Cat in the Hat. The “Who” community will be devastated.


Matthew Davenport

7/5/20214 min read

Cancel Culture and the Woke Mob are under girded by a society that is more bent on proving others are
wrong than about growth, peace, and love. It has very little to do with fighting a racist problem. In short
(in my unwarranted and uneducated opinion), it’s “about me”. Not me, but that “it’s all about me” mentality.

That said, I am not the greatest expert. I have not interacted with people that are in the middle of it all. I don’t
know that I need to, but I admit I am not a know-it-all.

But I am smart enough to know that something is wrong. And it’s not a need for “generic sex plastic potatoes”.
Every generation has worked towards this moment. And every generation needs to garner the attention of the
world. In the past, they did it by achieving great things. Being “woke” is not a great thing, it is the desperate
attempt to find something wrong with society and use their limited stage (social media, etc) to make people
listen to their wounded account of how terrible “Sam I Am” offends them. Not because Sam did something bad, but because the Woke live with their injuries out where everyone can bump into them and cause further duress.

Does the Woke Society have any level of legitimate hurt?

That’s a good question. Maybe they do.

We see often in sports a player makes a simple trip or stumble into something much bigger in order to draw a penalty on the opposing player. Perhaps we go overboard on our problem in order to get some kind of results. Like burning a building down to get the attention of the people that have allowed our wages to be ignored. Sort of going two miles to get the fact that we went one mile noticed.

Is this a legitimate method of protest? It’s not a new process. Much of the past accomplishments were done through this way. But does that legitimize it? In truth, it is a form of dishonesty and cannot ever be done with any level of legitimacy and retain integrity.

So we protest Dr. Seuss because of his use of colors. Or whatever. No more Cat in the Hat. The “Who” community will be devastated.

Do we have the right to protest in this method against such portions of our history? I think the problem is not Cancel Culture Creeps or the Woke Weasels (sorry, I love alliteration). Indeed, I think the problem is a society that will do anything to succeed. Including the changing of the standards and the forms of what we hold value in to avoid the ire of these minions.

If I sell hotdogs on the street corner and make a thousand dollars a day doing so, my clientele become very important to me. Say I have about 100 customers per day. Then one day, 25 of those customers take an ad out in the paper saying that my hotdogs are the wrong color. The other 75 don’t care what the color is, but those 25 think it’s reminiscent of something evil.

So I now have people coming up to me telling me the paper says my hotdogs are the wrong color. I show them the hotdogs and most don’t see a problem. But the few that do go to all their friends who think the same way they do and suddenly, people who don’t even eat my hotdogs are complaining about their color.

Before long I have 200 people protesting my hotdogs by picketing me. Of those 200, only 25 even buy the wieners to begin with. But now, in order to resume selling hotdogs I have to change the dogs to fit the idea of those that will never buy a single one. Those that, literally, have nothing to do with my business at all. The ones that live to stir the pot. Because the 75 remaining customers are not enough to keep me afloat among the rest of the “woke” that the city will throw at me.

So society begins to change to accommodate a group whose biggest purpose in life is to alter the thinking of others. They cannot say, “I don’t like what they are doing, but I can move on with life.” And yes, the struggle to move on can be tough when what they are posting or spouting goes against your own values. But the need to be able to realize we won’t all agree (and that is a good thing, in itself) goes against their thinking more than anything.

I wish to point out something at this point: Woke, Cancel Culture, and the anti-stuff people are not exclusively youth, young adult, liberal, etc. It seems to transcend ages and beliefs.

The desire to take and re-write history and past understanding is a recipe to undermine the whole of the American society. Right now, this thinking has such ramifications that no one on the planet could possibly predict what will be the long term affect. To begin to assume what someone said and meant from 200 years ago, will be a path that will wind and continue for the next 200 years. Likely leading us to total self-destruction. Whether it’s the “woke” thing to do or not.

Indeed, God helps us.

Photo Franco Antonio Giovanella