Merry Christmas, 2021

He was born innocent so He could cover my guilt. He came to take my hand and show me true love...


Matthew Davenport

12/24/20212 min read

A thousand blogs and a million words are postulated during the Christmas time. Many reminding us of keeping Christ in the mix. Some pointing to the frailty of relationship. Some complaining because of the “commercialization” of it all. Whining because of the cost. Worries that they may not get what they want.

I love the air. The songs. The smiles. I think it’s really important to remember to keep yourself in the “spirit” of the magnificent love that was displayed with the birth of the Messiah. That spirit might be celebrated in many, many ways.

And some won’t be the same way I do. But I’m okay with that. There’s a strong argument that “Die Hard” (the first one) is a Christmas movie. Whatever! Haha... You see?

I do enjoy Christmas movies. Even if Die Hard is not my particular cup of tea. Christmas films come in a lot of different flavors. Most of the ones that have impacted me are not well known. But I have my favorites among the “classics”.

Of all the things that I have heard or read about Christmas and the Holiday Season what hits me the most is not the birth of Jesus. I believe the greatest story of Christ is the whole picture. I know it’s hard to focus on the other parts of the Story during one particular part of it, but keep in mind, Jesus wasn’t the only Child born in a difficult place or circumstances. Still, He was the only One that had a personal star for a night light. The only One that angels sang to. That wealthy wise men came to visit. Bringing expensive gifts.

But Jesus went on to change the world around Him through His whole life, not just the unusual parameters of His birth.

Remember, He healed the blind? Raised the dead? Recall, He was the One who quoted John 3:16 the first time? Then there was the thousands He fed in one afternoon. Twice!

And woe to us, lest we forget, He himself was raised from the dead.

Bled mercilessly on a cross of wood. Innocent. Sinless.

The Nativity is only a beautiful story without the cross. The star only shines as bright as the eyes of those brought back to life by His hand. It could even be argued that the wise men’s wisdom may have been eclipsed since that moment. Who knows?

In a book that contains such tales as Noah and the Ark, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Moses and the Burning Bush, and David and Goliath, none glow so brightly and powerfully as the one that brought the infant Jesus into the world. And yet that one is still dim compared to the story as a whole.

Jesus was born to save me. He was born to take my place in death. He was born innocent so He could cover my guilt. He came to take my hand and show me true love that the world would never be able to comprehend apart from Him.

“For unto you is born, this day, in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”
Luke 2:11-12

Immanuel, God with us. Today He is still Immanuel. He is still with us. He will never leave us or forsake us. God walked among man in the flesh. He still does.

Merry Christmas from Nancy and Matt!