Is Covid Political?

Regardless of your take on the Covid pandemic and its origins, it has been used to create a massive fear epidemic.


Matthew Davenport

8/9/20216 min read

One of the troubles in today’s government leadership is that many things appear one way get twisted into political leverage. And often times that leverage gets pushed so far that it seem ridiculous but at the same time seems to still be working. As if it’s being carried too far, but keeps going anyway. Almost like a certain part of those being influenced by it are just going along in hopes their side will profit from it somehow.

Extremism in politics is not new. In fact we can read about it in the Bible. Recall in Matthew chapter 14, the local Roman ruler Herod was having a party for his birthday. During the party his step-daughter danced before him. He was so happy with it that he promised a great reward to her. After consulting with her mother, the stepdaughter demanded that Herod have John the Baptist beheaded and the
head brought before her. To please her mother.

Herod did not wish to do this but because he had publicly promised this reward, he was forced to. He feared those around him and politics gave acceptance to murder.

So now we have a great and terrible virus drifting around the world. How bad is Covid? It’s bad. And considering I have had it, I am very aware of just how bad. It’s ugly. It’s very difficult. Granted I am 56 and really not very healthy. I am insulin dependent and the whole nine yards. But by the grace of
God (literally) I survived it. And most people do.

But Covid makes us ask more questions that just is it deadly. Because, I think we all know that a cold can be deadly under the right circumstances. But questions abound. About the virus, about the vaccine, about the origin of the virus, about the leadership. All of the leadership.

For instance, did Trump respond in our best interest? In my opinion he responded for the sake of America. That was his first concern. Now I do not consider myself a Nationalist, but that was his job. Take care of the country he was hired to take care of. I am not promoting Trump. I do not think he was the best president ever as many purport. But he was certainly more squared away than our current president.

Speaking of which, how is Biden handling the current situation? Has he used Covid as a political item? Look at what has happened. His party, the Democrats, have pushed the vaccine with the idea that it will save us. At least at first they did. Now the booster will save you. Then, the next booster.

I really don’t want to harp on Biden here. That is not the point. Has the virus been used for politics? In a very sick and sad way, yes. Worse than that, it has been used to make money. A lot of money.

The government has convinced us that the vaccine is free. It’s not. It costs us big time. And the long term plan is to get it into the immunization shot status. Finding information online can be difficult now because so much is kept from us. So these numbers are just an example to show you the process that is happening. Keep in mind, there are tons of behind-the-scenes plans that our government and other corporate minds have. This might be just one of hundreds.

Let us say that a single vaccine shot costs the taxpayers $100. Not too much, true. It is now in its testing phase. (The FDA has approved Pfizer’s vaccine. You know the company that broke the world record for highest fines for illegal/fraudulent marketing? $2.3 billion! Yes, billion. And remember that the FDA also approved oxycodone, one of the most addictive pain killers ever made. Most government agencies are still ran by humans with personal and often ulterior motives.) So once the public has accepted this shot, it will move into the immunization process and our kids will get it by age 10. Then that $100 shot will cost the feds (aka, our taxes) much more. Likely more than a thousand dollars each. Big pharma? Yeah, they will just get bigger!

So the president wants to shut down anyone who doesn’t comply. We’ve seen all of it. Get the shot or lose your life. Not because of being sick, but because of the agenda of people like Fauci and Harris and Biden. Not to mention the wealthy and worrisome like Gates, Obama, and the rest.

Is this political? Most definitely. It’s also about money. But the real monster behind all of this (besides the devil himself) is control. When you control people, you control their thinking, their actions, their processes, their lives. Could George Soros be the puppeteer? He has never been in office, but he has backed many, many political movements for years. In fact he has given over $30 billion towards activities that promote progressive thought. Party-wise, always Democrat. Including $500,000 towards the election of Joe Biden. He has also spent several million getting judges and Das who are typically soft on justice, elected to offices.

So maybe he’s the Anti-Christ? Probably not. He certainly has a lot of power and works behind the scenes a lot to control things. His connection with the pro-abortion, pro-sexual “whatever”, pro-hatred, pro-lost and floundering party of the Democrats is evident and clear. Wikipedia has a lot about him. They’re coverage is clearly biased and sees Soros as a super hero, but the info is there.

Regardless of your take on Covid pandemic and its origins, it has been used to create a massive fear epidemic across America and the world. Politically, it is a tool more than a virus. A way to get people to do that which they never would do. Amazingly, even when things are proven to be ineffective (such as the mask), the pride that politicians have will not allow them to back down. That would mean they were wrong.

In truth, pride is the biggest issue we have in America right now. And this current issue with the so-called “pandemic” is the proof. If the CDC came forward tomorrow and announced that getting Covid is the best way to end the spread of it, the whole of the media and Washington DC would back them down and shut them up. Why? Because terror sells television and crisis makes super heroes in politics.

No one that I know of has actually died from Covid. I don’t think, in my admittedly lackluster opinion, that it is deadly. But it weakens a person (remember I had it) to the point that whatever they are dealing with already gets a greater foothold on them and the body stops fighting. I am not lessening the stupid thing, it’s hard on people. I know that for a fact. But so many deaths are being blamed on it for what reason? What is that agenda?

Politically, it advances the need for people to relinquish control of their lives to a “greater” agency. Enter Fauci and Biden. “Oh, we can save you!” But they can’t. That is politics at its best. Or worst, I suppose. Remember Biden promised to stop it in his campaign. And Harris did too. But since has admitted they can’t. Politics!

The media and the news needs a crisis to report on because if they just told you the simple news, we as a people, are far less likely to watch. The news and news-like programs hopped on this thing like vermin on dead rats. Through them, panic and fear was pushed to the point that we sit glued to our devices waiting with baited breath for the next revelation. Or next variant.

And everyone loses money here. But if it is properly spun, we think we are doing well. Businesses close, people lose their jobs, new rules issued everyday make it harder and harder to even shop for basics. So we get a few checks to help. Now I will be honest, I got my stimulus checks the same as anyone and I used them. I even benefitted from extra unemployment payments. But wouldn’t it be better if our economy allowed me and the millions of others to keep their jobs and businesses remain open?

There is so many things that has been twisted and perverted for a narrative from news companies, politicians, and even economists to propel this train of self-destruction. And pride is the number one fuel that is being used. God was pretty clear about pride. More than the time honored axiom that pride goes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18). Which means that if this horrible trait continues, America will have a reckoning. Something I really would not like to see.

Pray, folks. Pray for our leadership. Even if you don’t agree with them, pray for them. They need truth and humbleness