In The Midst

In other words, in the midst of the most sanctimonious and atheistic generation, God came in and took their trophy away.


6/25/20223 min read

It's really important that the reader know first that I have a deep, passionate love for this generation. This 15 year old to 40 year old generation. Regardless of truth, I love these people with all my heart. But what follows is the truth. It may not be accepted as truth. And while I am compelled to write this so that there is never questions or concerns where I stand, I amend it to this point: No one has my hatred. No matter what you have done or refused to do. Whether you agree or choose to hate me because of your opinion.

Time To Celebrate!
A great celebration is taking place across America by Christians. And while I know that some Christians are “pro-choice”, they will be held responsible to God, not me. Thank You Jesus, Roe V Wade has been overturned!

There are a couple hundred million words that can and will be written via the joy of this all. And a few million more for the opposition that will try to paint this all in a different light. But that is not where I will focus.

In the midst of this whole movement, something powerful hit me. Something amazing. Something the Holy Spirit showed me. Literally, this was not expected by the demonic. The devil was caught off guard.

Think about it, folks. In the history of this country (America), there has never been a more perverse generation. There has never been a time when the self-righteous, self-focused, self-glorifying, greedy, demanding, etc., has ever been so prominent in one country. The United States has fallen so far from where she began, it is hard to even imagine.

The lives of this current generation (15 to 40 year olds) is so involved with themselves, it is actually painful to watch. The need to turn their backs on everything godly is their anthem. The “Me” movement has spawned the “hate” movement against anything that doesn’t coincide with their opinions and ideas. And their defense is rights and racism.

“You are not allowed to have an idea or opinion that isn’t mine. And if you do, I can justify beating, destroying, burning, killing, and even using the media against you by my rights as a _____________.” (fill in the blank)

Yes, from the American leadership down, we are experiencing the most unruly and perverse people in our history. Our so-called “progressive” nature is going high speed forward in technology and humanistic thought, causing us to regress in our minds. The side affect is the hatred for those who think differently. Progress at the cost of life.

I can write thousands of word on the subject of the lost people and society that is now this country. But that is not my point.

In the middle of all the chaos, with hurricanes of terroristic people covering the land, fighting to make me think like them, their greatest achievement was overturned. The one act that marks the evil of mankind has come undone.

Just when he thought he had accomplished a rule for his own insistence, the great molech was beheaded. Just as pharaoh (self-god) was certain he had Israel in his sights, the Red Sea overcame him and he was drown. And just at the moment when satan was convinced he had murdered the Messiah, the stone rolled back and He came forth!

In other words, in the midst of the most sanctimonious and atheistic generation, God came in and took their trophy away. As though the process were a set of stairs whereupon one took a step forward only to find the steps behind them were collapsing.

What does this prove? One said it will only lend to self abortions and destruction of women’s rights. Will it truly save lives or only create negative issues with “extra” kids around that will need to be taken care of? Yes it will save lives. Yes it will give rights to kids. Yes there will be unwanted children born.

But there are no unwanted children. Only lazy, selfish, parents.

Last. Abortion is an atrocity against children. Against all mankind, for that matter. Especially against the God that gives life to begin with.

Pro-life is for life. Not convenient life, just life.

Pro-choice is not a real thing. Pro-kill is.