Holy Spirit Scribes Part 3

What’s the alternative? Seek Him daily. He is supposed to be the One speaking to us and guiding us. We need Him constantly.


Matthew Davenport

10/13/20210 min read

This is a new series that might eventually end up as a book. We'll see. Many people have a desire to write a book. And many of them should. Some, not so much. This series will answer some questions for those determined to do so as well as those who should focus elsewhere...

Section One: Who Are You?

Holy Spirit Scribe

A scribe is what you are. A writer. But what is a “Holy Spirit Scribe”?

The Holy Spirit is the Communicator between us and God and Jesus. His role is so
much more vital than most Christians realize. And if you wish to be effective in you
writing, then you need to be able to listen to Him.

Most Christians think of things like “speaking in tongues” or prophecy or special
gifts when they think of the Holy Spirit. But it is way more than that. All the gifts
of the Spirit are real and active today. But we tend to point to those and leave it
there. The Holy Spirit is meant to have a place inside of us all the time and to push
that away (which is very common in Christianity today) is to push the voice of God away.

What’s the alternative? Seek Him daily. He is supposed to be the One speaking to us and guiding us. We need Him constantly.

I believe there is a very particular key to writing as a Christian that I have experienced because I seek to know the Holy Spirit better and better every day. Since my writing career began, I have never experienced what is called “writer’s block”. I am constantly being filled with new ideas for books. Often through incredible moments in worship, listening to teaching, reading God’s Word, and praying. I keep a storehouse of synopses on my computer. Literally over a hundred ideas that have valid directions for novels or teaching. Such as this one.

Some of these have a very basic concept written in them. Some are short story length. Some just have a title with the basic of the concept in the title. I will never lack for a topic to write on. And it is not because I am something great, but it is because my connection to God through the Holy Spirit has a vital and daily existence.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that without Him in my daily life, none of what I have written could have ever came about.

A Holy Spirit Scribe is a writer that knows their source material is inexhaustible because it is the Holy Spirit constantly showing them more and more. But that truth will not happen and your success will be stalled if He is not made the significant priority that He needs to be in your life.

I stood working in an assembly line at a fishing supply manufacturer one day. I listened to Bill Johnson teach on the sources of the artist. He spoke of how the talented painter is made greater and more successful when listening to the Master Painter. The carenter is better because they are connected to the Master Carpenter. The Masters here, being God. Who created us to be the things He intended us to be. In likewise, the mechanic is more successful be they are connected to the Master Mechanic. The runner has the Master Coach. The electrician has the Master Electrician. And so on.

I felt the Lord speak to me in such a powerful voice I nearly fell over. he told me that he was the Master Author. That encounter led me to where I am now. But that path took longer than it should have because I spent time writing from my own words instead of His. That is why I am telling you, don’t wait. Seek the Holy Spirit now. Don’t do it to get better as a writer, that will come. Do it because He will direct all of your paths and bring you to a place far more amazing and powerful than you could possibly imagine. He is the Master Author and He will give you ideas and books you could never come up with on your own.