Holy Spirit Scribes Part 4

The very first thing I would say to you if you are wanting to publish a book is to either forget it or start a blog.


Matthew Davenport

11/15/20210 min read

This is a series that might eventually end up as a book. We'll see. Many people have a desire to write a book. And many of them should. Some, not so much. This series will answer some questions for those determined to do so as well as those who should focus elsewhere...

Section One: Who Am I?

Am I Called To Write?
The only definitive answer to this question is not definitive: maybe.

Desire To Write
In the Bible we read about the Gifts of the Spirit. We also read there are other
giftings. Which could be called Gifts of the Spirit as well. But in all, they are
talents that are granted to people supernaturally. Writing is not mentioned as one.

However, bringing the message is part of the giftings. We are told in many places
that bringing the Word is important. We see in Ephesians the Five Fold Ministry as Gifts to the Church from Jesus Christ. Certainly some of the greatest things ever written were by members of the Five Fold Ministry. So, in a way, writing can be one of the gifts.

Gifted or not, desire to write is both important and detrimental.

Important because if you are not desirous to write, you are wasting your time. If you write because you “must” write, then, NO, you are not a writer. When the writing becomes more of chore than a desire, then it’s just not you. Even if you are good at it.

Granted, if you are under a deadline and you have other things you’d prefer to do, I can see how that would not necessarily mean you are latent in your desire. However, one of the key components that shows your writing is mostly a “desire” is that you are focused on making a career more than writing. Making money over making done and moving on.

Called To Write
Let me explain the difference. A desire to write will cause you to often begin, but never finish. You have ulterior motives. You want to write and tell the story, but you do so with the intent to have what comes from the results. Paycheck, accolades, achievement, etc.

  • However, when a person is called to write, there are other results:

  • Nothing stops you from writing

  • Writing has purpose for you - You get where you cannot wait to sit down and start

  • You find God speaking to you consistently about topics

  • You get where writing a hundred books instead 10 is you goal

  • You pray for blessings on the book, the topic, whatever

  • Everything you write is a success because you know it is God breathed and not through your own ability

  • You celebrate even when no one buys - then you start another one!

And you will add to that list!

Another part of writing-by-call is to see the purpose of your writing and not the particulars. In other words, you realize the point of the book or story is more important than the editing process. So when the editor takes or changes verbiage, you are fine as long as the reader sees it.

Obviously, the most important thinking you can have is to realize your call and desire to fulfill it more than either or.