The number one purpose of their teaching is for us to get closer to God and hear Him ourselves.


Matthew Davenport

9/27/20212 min read

There are many ways to hear from God. He speaks to us in several fashions. Number one being the Word of God. So, if you are wanting to know His voice better, that would be the first place for you to go to.

In Exodus 20, we read about the Ten Commandments. Essentially God explaining ways that the people could be in right relationship with Him. But they took this wrong and feared God (in a bad way) and told Moses to be their intermediary. They wanted him to speak to God on their behalf and let him explain to them the things God wanted to tell them.

Today we still see this happening with many Christians. We become reliant upon others to teach us rather than to hear from God ourselves. It’s not that we are not meant to have teachers and leadership. No, scripture clearly teaches us that God puts people in our lives to help us and mentor us. But the number one purpose of their teaching is for us to get closer to God and hear Him ourselves.

For example, when you want to listen to music, you have a few “hoops” to go though to make that happen. We either play an instrument, start singing, turn on the mp3 player, grab some vinyl, whatever! The point is, there is a process.

Hearing from God is no different. The number one, most important thing we must do to hear from God? Desire it! The Children of Israel had fear overtake their desire and wanted Moses as a mouth piece. What a shame that they did not see God wanted to speak to them each.

Jesus talked of this very thing in Matthew 7:9-11. He explained that if the humans of the world know to give good things to their children, how much more would God be one that gives good to us? And one of the greatest things He will give us is His voice. He truly desires to talk to us. Do we desire to talk to Him and hear Him speaking to us?

Like the desire to listen to music, hearing that most awesome sound requires a few steps from us. Whether the device needs to be plugged or not, it needs power. The songs need to be in place, you have to choose your playlist.

In the same fashion we need to take specific steps to hear from Him. And having desire is not completely the only first thing. We need to be in relationship with Him. I know that God has spoken to people outside of relationship before, but He did so to bring them into that relationship. Like Abraham. However, if it is something we want (or desperately need), we need to seek Him to become our God. And nurture that connection. Keep it healthy. When relationship is unhealthy, the first thing that goes is communication.

So, you want to hear from God? Read the Word, pray, walk the narrow road, ask.