Fear & WWIII - Ukraine

Donald Trump...“may not have allowed this to happen”, but the truth is that our connection with our Maker is the cause of this.


Matthew Davenport

2/25/20220 min read

The world is standing on its tip-toes in anticipation. But not for something great and amazing. Nope, it’s wrapped in fear. In the last couple of years life went from
a little unstable to full on crazy.

We can sit down and grab a check-list of things that are easily pointed to as the results or the cause of whatever. Many of us deal with direct impacts from all the
unsettled thoughts across the globe. We can point to the person or persons responsible for this or that. But the person responsible for this all is not even
flesh and blood. He is a “principality” that has worked thousands of years to bring our world to this point. (Ephesians 6:12) He is responsible for the fear and
the greed and the arrogance and the insanity. At least, he lights the fuse.

Let me say this right off the top, Donald Trump is not the answer. I realize he “may not have allowed this to happen”, but the truth is that our connection with
our Maker is the cause of this. Or, lack of connection.

The United States is not alone in her problems. But she certainly does her share of influencing her thinking on other countries.

We have a massive problem with pride. We, even as Christians, put God on the back burner for most of our moments in life. He is just not important to us anymore. And mankind has not changed in the entire time since we left the Garden. Here we are, thousands of years later, with the incredible advancements we have and yet we are still bullying people on a global scale.

Here’s what is going to happen:
God will win. Those who pursue Him right now will win also. God gets the last word. Mankind will do everything he can to destroy himself. Greed, power, pride, arrogance... It will all fall to God.

Here’s what you need to do:
Pray. Now, that said, we should have already been praying, but now it’s scary enough to remind us. Read your Bible. NOW, while you are still allowed to have one. Remember the grace you have been given. God hasn’t forgot His people. His plans are still in place and they will still have the last say. Remember that Abraham went up the mountain to sacrifice his son? Yet God stepped in at the last minute and all was well.

God is not afraid of politicians. He’s not intimidated by public opinion. He is not shut down by influencers and the famous. He will win. In truth, He already won. He lives from the perspective of the Beginning and the End.

Man is not inherently good. If you disagree with me, you are not paying attention. You are missing it. If we were good on our own, we wouldn’t need to be taught to be good as children. We wouldn’t have the mess we have right now.

Left alone, we would have destroyed ourselves hundreds of years ago. But God has taken steps to be there and guide us. Then He went one step further and made a way for us to have His Presence in our lives.

Adam was made perfect and still did something that would forever mark mankind. Even in his state of flawlessness, he fell. We all do.

Right now is the time to draw closer to God, not run around in fear. Right now! Today is the day of your salvation. God opened the door and His Son came to take the penalty for us. Don’t be foolish and depend on politicians to work things out. If the insanity of fear across our Nations (indeed, the world) of the last 2 years hasn’t got you questioning everything, then nothing will.

We fear the trappings of our government, the failings of the medical community, the mandates enforced upon us, the out of control inflation and economy, the leaders of foreign nations that hold nukes in their hands, the passionate desires of both the donkeys and the elephants, and _______________ (fill in the blank). But the real danger is the fear itself. God never planned for man to live in fear.

Now is the day of your salvation.
Don’t wait any longer. If this is all resolved tomorrow (and I pray it is), there will be another crisis to take its place. Another reason to live in fear. Choose now to walk in His reassurance. He is the only way out.