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Incredibly, our ministry is once again being refined...


Matthew Davenport

5/30/20222 min read

Hi Everyone! Matt here. We have a super important announcement:

Over the next month we will be moving. With this move comes a better job, better pay, and new opportunities. We are very excited. Our ministry will also be changing.

As this ministry has developed, I (Matt) have struggled with it being named after me. This is not a false humility thing. In all truth, I had to let God guide us there because this is about teaching the Word of God and bringing it to people in a way that would not only teach them, but encourage them to seek to understand it directly from the Holy Spirit instead of just others. And believe me, that form of learning is the best way to understand and grow in God’s goodness.

As you know, we teach Bible Study Monday through Friday mornings online at 8am, west coast time (USA). We also have ongoing curriculum and printed teaching available online and for-free downloads. Then there are blogs, personal ministry, and as much connection in our own community as we can. God is also opening doors to help others with teaching from multiple countries around the world.

For some time I have felt a tug to make the name of our ministry something that was more directly related to what we do. When we began having brothers and sisters from around the world send friend requests, I really didn’t know what to do with the sudden inflow of connections. So we put a temporary page in place called Matt Davenport Ministries. I had thought the ongoing requests would slow down. But God was doing (is still doing) a new work in us. And you beautiful people have become a super important part of it!

Now several months forward, I have been praying to understand what it is that God is doing with and through Nancy and myself. This morning as I prayed during our Sunday morning worship, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me. He asked me what is it that we (Nancy and I) do? What is this ministry?

I really had a very simple answer: We teach the Word. I thought that was the pat answer. But he asked again. And I thought more sincerely. He spoke again, “You connect.”

Several years ago, a person spoke over me and called me a “networker”. It really took a while for that to trickle down into me enough to understand it. In time Nancy and I have come to see what that meant. And now that call is to bring people together through the grace and mercy of God and His unvarnished Word. Connection and networking.

The simplicity of our teaching will not change. It might get interrupted during our move, but not changed. The number one thing we will always do is teach the Word of God to anyone who will listen. We will continue to follow God’s leading with connecting to people around our community. Which now encompasses many more nations that just America!

We have had the privilege of folks from Pakistan, India, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and The Philippines join us in our Bible Study. Not to mention Arkansas, Texas, California, Missouri, Oklahoma, and more. Yes, I am bragging! I am bragging on how amazing God is!

So, please bear with us as changes take place. The ministry name is being changed to (most appropriately) Connection Life Ministries. With that one purpose being a priority: Connection with people for the purpose of loving them, nurturing them, guiding them, teaching them, serving them, and building the Kingdom of God through relationship with them!

Please keep Nancy and I in your prayers as every step we take is new territory!

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